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Hey, I’m


I help super-early-stage startups design and build experiments

to validate key hypotheses

on their business models.


How I can help you

I'm a Software Engineer, Product Manager, and earned my MBA at Stanford. I help super-early-stage startups ideate, design, and build experiments to validate core hypotheses to their business model. I've done several projects on Bubble ( which is a platform that allows building and iterating on a prototype in record time.


I'll help you delay recruiting a technical co-founder and will help you quickly build experiments/MVPs that collect valuable data to support you as you engage with pre-seed and seed investors. 

At a glance

1. Business Model Canvas design

I can help you clearly articulate the key hypotheses that you’re betting on to have a viable business model. 

2. Customer discovery interview questions design

Once we’ve articulated your hypotheses, I can help you draft a list of unbiased and thorough questions so you can immediately start validating said hypotheses.

3. Experiments design and building

Finally, I can help you design, build and quickly iterate over prototypes to gather even more valuable insights and data on your startup idea. I'm super comfortable with

You shouldn’t have to onboard a technical co-founder just to test a business idea.


Let’s talk.

I might be able to help. 


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